I always want to show my location to the world. I found a tutorial, started with processing, and wrote a #processing program called #meeLocat. Data were collected by my smartphone with #openpaths app and map styling is done by #TileMill with data of Bangkok from #cloudmade, next step is to make timeline path, adding UI dates picker. it's so fun.

Below is the pervious one,
Those are my every 10 min locations of yesterday, were collected by HTC one S with the help of openpaths. Creating map is done by using TileMill with data of Bangkok from cloudmade. Put everything in #processing. Next step is to enhance map details, maybe adding hover boxes of details of each point, lines connect by point with timeline, and an interface for choosing date.

CC BY 3.0 TH by Chawanan Part of Autosave Studio and Hui interactive