i Light, ArtScience, Teamlab, SG, etc.

Last year, Autosave strongly determined to exhibit our work at i Light Marina Bay Singapore 2018 and Setouchi triennale 2018. We sent 3 proposals to iLight but we heard nothing back, we will send it again this year. So here I'm, visiting iLight Singapore 2018, Art science museum, Science Center Singapore, Teamlab works, LASALLE college of the arts, the Changi airport, National museum of Singapore, 2902 gallery and deck and all around art-light related objects in the city. This is not a review, but anything I saw and carefully picked as a subject of my interests, not because they are great or better, there are so many I couldn't cover all of it.

I was there with CHALIDA, an artist, check out her works, they are incredible. At the time of writing, she is currently organizing Waste the night : an Environmental art event on Apr 27 - Apr 28 2018 at Better Moon cafe x Refill Station - lovely eco-friendly hostel and cafe. I also went there with Nuttapong Idstup , swiss knife all around guy, my colleague. With incredible hospitality hosts, Din Chan, Singaporeian maker, the founder of M.A.D.L.A.B. He does art installations, teaching and performances in Southeast Asia Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, many more, you name it. and Victoria - Print Maker and artist.

Autosave x iLight (concept)

Bounce Bao

Tuan architect, Autosave's friend, was collaborating with us - creating concept and structure of (what he call) BAOBAO(Bounce Bao), interactive lighting trampoline. We love this idea and went with it. It is not related to the theme of iLight 2018 (which is about sustainable) but it would be fun, and we're all about fun.

Bounce Bao is an arcade style lighting interactive trampoline that plays with you as you jump. Each jump will trigger light around you as a water ripple wave from the center trampoline and also generated noises. In Each jump, there will be a signal from the trampoline to sensor which will be sent to control unit, then control unit will assign color and time appearance for each light strip around you and also output sounds. Bounce Bao light installation is designed by AUTOSAVE studio, an interactive art firm based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Traffic Symphony

Pongpat Srimanas, Autosave team, and co-founder got this idea of making traffic light orchestra from second hand car stop light. Audiences can enter their city and it will calculate traffic status and play suitable song and light will dance. This is pretty great idea to we went for it.

Traffic Symphony lighting installation is not only to bring recycling topic but also people’s perception on traffic. We use 50 second-handed car tail lights and a signal light. The installation imitates symphony orchestra concert that songs are composited from street ambient, for example, car break, engine, speeding engine, and vehicle horn in busy cities. This idea is formed because of passion of using old recycled material in projects such as e-Waste which nowadays can be a problem to global health as there are more toxic e-Waste accumulated everyday. By using many type of recycled car tail lights with different shape and form, we are able to create a beautiful Traffic symphony band.

yeah why not...

Having a stop light as a conductor and car tail lights as musicians, Traffic symphony will be a whole new experience for audiences.

The customized ambient lets audiences have their own symphony, there will be a touchscreen where audiences can choose origin and destination on google map. The program will calculate time, distance, and traffic condition, then algorithm will choose perfect song from input route, Visual lighting performance will also be generated and synchronized with blinking light of each unit.

We did not get a chance to show this year but we will keep sending this concept and more in every year and beyond.

iLight Marina Bay 2018

Flash light is required in this artwork. At first, it was only dark bamboo strip, but then you take a picture with flash on, suddenly paint on the bamboo become white. They're using reflective coating paint. Normal application would be - eg. making cycling safer at night, or anti-paparazzi clothing. Nice to see it as an art medium, It gives a kind of interaction to audiences.

This is nice

Worth mentioning

The artwork above, at first we thought this is hardwork wiring, but this artwork infact uses wireless technology, RF 433mhz (educated guess), we talked to the maintenance staff, she said there is no wiring, it is RF transmissions. This is brilliant, use RF, no wiring and probably use MCU, arduino maybe or wemos (educated guess again), easy to install because it is standalone, you can easily increase receiver point and each point is powered by solar panel, this also answer the theme of sustainable. bam! bam! Two birds!. The idea is nice, but it is kinda broken due the rain that afternoon. I wish I could see the fully working version.

This xylophone installation is seimi-interactive, I can't see it, they probably turn it off from time to time.

This is from Thai artists, they recycled glass cold-brew coffee bottles and put small LED strip in it. What I like about this is that they design structure in order to attach to the existing structure.

This kloud artwork lets you hit it, it will change color, Din said they perhaps use force sensor/piezoelectric sensor. They also have a website where you can go online and directly change the color.

kloud website

Seemingly this is the most traffic artwork of the iLight 2018, the archway have sensors on each arch pole. But I'm not quite sure which. it could be IR infrared sensor on both sides. The installation is semi-interactive.

This installation let people place their phone with on-flashlight on their pole sensor, and they can manipulate color patterns of light.

This octopus reacts the the drums they are hitting, similars concept to kloud.

ArtScience Museum

Mainly, this will be about teamlab, and one particular sensor! one thing we saw beside kinect v2 is actually very impressive scanning rangefinder

teamLab is a Tokyo-based interdisciplinary group of technologists and designers work with art, science, and technology.


There is this big screen (I don't have picture or video, sorry) projection of the things we drew and it was scanned. if we touch it, it jumps. We were wondering how could they detect such a big screen, I mean MAN! the screen is huge!. then we accidentally found that they're using Hokuyo smort-URG, URG-04LX-UG01 but that is 5m range. I guess they're using other model for the big screen, but same kind of sensor, such a powerful sensor. I'm surely getting hand on one.

Stunning job by teamLab, The hanging LED array light are interactive, there is a website where you can control it, and it works. Led panel floor is also interactive and probably use the same kind of sensor to detect people positions.


This is a merlion skeleton LOL
merlion skeleton


Science Center Singapore

An above and below video would make a cool interactive art installation, eg. You could use leap motion 3d to capture audience hand movement and turn into happy magnetic dust dance.

City, Changi Airport, etc.

At the marina bay garden

A KUKA Robot arm at the airport, the propeller should also move. To me anything involve robot arm are awesome, wish I get interactive robot arm project in the future.

In case anyone want to hire us, We can do this in RGB, it's easy

LED cyclist uncles - I saw them whenever i'm in singapore every damn time.

This is a swing installation at Singapore national museum, I would appreciate if someone have infomation of how this swing work. Idstup said it's on/off temporary magnets, me not sure.

I will end this with the famous kinetic rain at Changi Airport, the work of ART+COM Studios.


CC BY 3.0 TH duh.nu by Chawanan Part of Autosave Studio and Hui interactive